March 22, 2012

Our Real Messy Smelly Life

 I have a nagging goal to keep the house clean enough for visitors at any time. While I like to think of our home as a welcoming environment sometimes the day to day messes really make it feel anything but welcome.

The other evening our friends stopped by unexpectedly with some exciting news. Allow me to paint you a picture of how the situation unfolded.

The doorbell rings while we are in the middle of feeding the baby and cooking ourselves dinner. Our two dogs barked incessantly and charged at the door ready to make their great escape. Meanwhile the baby, who had just finished throwing dinner on the floor, takes one look at our friend and begins to cry. Not just a shivering bottom lip mind you, an inconsolable wailing. As our two friends are excitedly telling us about their engagement there are dogs trying to barge through the front door, a baby screaming and the sweet aroma of steamed broccoli and burnt asparagus filling the air.

Naturally we invited them in. To a home covered in toys, plastic Easter eggs everywhere, a bra on the table and roast beef sandwiches on top of the oven.

It just makes me laugh at how unrealistic this goal of having your home ready for any visitor really is. I can clean all day, but the real life messes are what makes our house a home. The toys, the bra, the nasty fart smell of broccoli, that’s life.

Real messy, smelly life.

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