March 25, 2012

Peeps Family Portrait Tutorial

Last year each one of us in our family received one of these in the mail, courtesy of my mom. That lady, I tell you.

A personalized portrait of our family in Peeps form!

Lucky for you my mom taught me how she made them so you can make your own.

Materials needed:

  • 8 x 10 canvas

  • Yellow spray paint (or acrylic)

  • Brown acrylic paint (you only need a little for the eyes and nose)

  • Little bows for adorning on the girls (available in the scrap booking section or wedding section of any craft store)

  • Acrylic paint for accessorizing (necklaces on the lady Peeps)

  • Contact paper (available in the kitchen organization aisle at your grocery store)

  • Iron

  • Pencil with rubber eraser or foam brush

Step 1. Head on over to MADE and print out her adorable Peeps template she uses for her Peeps bunting.

Step 2. Trace and cut out Peeps shapes with exacto knife onto contact paper.

Step 3. Line your Peeps shapes up on your canvas. Take off the backing of the contact paper and adhere them to your canvas.

Step 4. Spray paint your canvas being sure to leave your Peeps shapes on.

Step 5. Let spray paint dry

Step 6. Peel away contact paper to reveal your Peeps family.

Step 7. Give those little guys eyes using the eraser of a pencil or the end of a foam brush, as pictured below courtesy of MADE.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="384" caption="Image via Made"][/caption]

 Step 8. Accessorize the ladies of the family using the same eraser technique for the necklace. Glue on little bows.

Step 9. Enjoy your adorable little Peeps family portrait.

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