April 5, 2012

Adorable Bunnies for Easter | Babble Pets

This is a nice break. Escape the stress from the day and look at cute bunnies!

Adorable Bunnies for Easter | Babble Pets.

Bunnies eating weed

Oh, and what's that? Two cute bunnies allegedly eating weed? Hey, Lauren, those bunnies look familiar. You know, like your pet bunnies you used to have? We thought so too. My husband was reading an article about athletes eating their weed  and saw this photo of our rabbits. After further investigation, if you google "eating weed" or "bunnies eating weed" our rabbits are the top hit. They're all over the stoner community on message boards, with captions. It's unreal. Some guy on Flickr stole it. Here's the kicker everyone. It's not weed. It's a bush in our front yard. Doesn't that speak volumes to how intuitive those pot heads are?

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