April 27, 2012

Insta-Friday {25th Edition}

Another week come and gone. I absolutely loved how we got to go on a tour of the seasons in just one week. Just when you thought you couldn't stand another day of summer heat in mid April you woke up to a cold rainy fall-like day.

1. How crazy was that summer weather this week? Tell me if you're with me on the whole feeling guilty if you're spending time indoors when the weather is like that. I decided we'd hit up the parks nearby and figured going in the mornings would keep it from being too hot and sunny. Well, Spanish Springs parks lack shade, so we roasted a bit, but luckily nobody got sun burned!

2. Cool hat the babe has, no? Her grandparents got it for her. It's SPF 100, covers her face, ears, neck and she likes to wear it.

3. Swings are fun.

4. The husband got to bust out his motorcycle from winter retirement for the first time this year. He commutes an hour each way to Carson and a motorcycle apparently makes it less of a drag. But everyday when it was 5:40 and he wasn't home yet I immediately assumed he was dead on the side of the road. That's healthy, right?

1. Beautiful weather means dogs get to go for walks. When both are dogs are walked together they turn into complete retards and forget any and all leash manners. Throw a stroller into the mix and things just get plain ol' frustrating. I discovered walking them one at a time works well. So Gwen and I walked up and down our street four times that afternoon.

2. I busted out my most favoritest wreath for our front door. It's springy, with a hint of summer, just like last week.

3. I've never made cream cheese frosting before. A friend requested red velvet so I decided now was as good a time as any to try it out. It was pretty good, but a completely different frosting experience.

4. A cute baby in her car seat.


This week was leaps and bounds better than last week. How about yours?

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