April 20, 2012

Insta-Friday is Back

Another week come and gone. Except this one was kind of tough. It was long, it was hard and it was trying. But here we are on Friday with weekend plans that involve a romantic steakhouse dinner, a fancy party and a new church. And not to mention the weather! Here's a recap of what we were up to this week via iphone pictures.

I am officially in love with the library. Did you know they have current magazines you can read and tons of awesome books? I wrote it off awhile ago because I had assumed they had outdated material. I could've never been more wrong. Except they didn't have the Hunger Games which was a bummer.

I gave our rose bushes a long overdue pruning and our garbage can looked pretty cool come Thursday. Our neighbor planted a curly twig that came in a flower arrangement she got 16 years ago and there's a huge curly willow tree that we share with them. The thing sheds curly twigs constantly. It's crossed my mind to bring them inside and use them as decor, like my Mom tried to do over Halloween. She spent an entire day spray painting twigs black and our dog went and ate them. But for the most part there are just a ton of stupid curly twigs in our yard.

Ann Romney is right, this Stay-At-Home-Mom thing is hard work.

We didn't truly understand the value of our Vita-Mix blender until we had a baby. It was a wedding gift and sat idly on our counter for quite some time. Now it's working overtime as we've discovered it's value. We used it to puree baby food and now we use it to make Mac & Cheese sauce, crepes and smoothies, among other things. That little munchkin loves her smoothies.

Enjoying a little fresh air on the deck.

Brussel sprouts are gross. I've been curious seeing as they're all the rage nowadays and we're sick of asparagus so I took a chance. We steamed them, sauteed them and baked them and it's been decided. We don't like them and will never force our children to have to try them. Thanks for all the advice, you made them edible so we could at least choke through the bulk bag I bought.

Gwen had a followup appointment at her orthopedic and helped herself to the Highlights magazine. No joke. She walked in, grabbed it off an end table and demanded to be put in a chair where she flipped through it. It was weird.

And then we discovered this cool little rooftop lawn, garden area that makes you feel all urban and cool. As if I didn't just drive 15 minutes from my home with a yard as large as the garden nestled in between buildings.

Hospitals have pretty cool stuff around them, it's just not exactly a destination you want to go to to see the great fountain and let your baby run around, you know? Word has it that Renown has a pretty swank playground. Once again, not exactly somewhere I plan to go and play, but perhaps I should?

How about a round of applause for all the flowers blossoming? I mean, wowsa. It's amazing how you don't even realize that the tree down the street is this amazing flowering tree until April when bam! I feel so bad that I don't notice them when they're not flowering, as if I don't appreciate their flowering potential for the rest of the year. I'll have to work on that.

We celebrated our four year anniversary on Thursday, April 19th. You know, I've always held all the couples who have been together for a long time on a pedestal. You know the ones who have dated since high school and like to rub it in your face that they've been together since high school? My husband and I have never been ones to make a fuss about any anniversaries except our wedding so there's never really been any tracking of how long we've been together. And then we thought about it. 9 years we've been dating. And that knocked all the high school sweethearts clear off their pedestals. We're just as cool, we come with a history too. Or that means we're just getting old. Crap.

We have a big date planned for Saturday complete with grandparents babysitting and all. For the actual day of our anniversary we decided we wanted to at least buy ourselves dinner. We picked up takeout from one of our favorite mexican restaurants and sat down to enjoy our meal after we put the baby down. I have heartburn and am up at 1 am typing this. May not have been the best idea.

And that was our week! I know it doesn't look long, hard or trying but that's the magic of a blog. I didn't take photos of my messy house that I can't catch up on. Or that day I  napped for two hours instead of taking care of my to-do list. Or my really difficult time in therapy this week. But looking through the photos of the fun times we had this week sure does make the tough times go down easier. Until next week friends!

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