April 13, 2012


I stopped doing Insta-Friday's because I wasn't so sure if anyone cared. While talking about this website during Easter someone mentioned Insta-Friday used to be their favorites and well, I have an overwhelming load of cute pictures of the kid so....this one's for you, Rina.

We sent this picture to my husband while we were goofing around in Michael's. His response? Ewww! What's going on here?! What are you guys doing??!

I think he's in for a big surprise when she starts playing dress up.

This used to be cute. Now it's full-on dangerous. Doing the dishes has now become quite the affair. It results in either tears or someone being trapped in their playpen which also eventually leads to tears. And I've started keeping track of how often I do the dishes. It's two to three times daily!! This seems like a lot to me, how often do you have to load your dishwasher?

Sometimes I have the sneaking suspicion that Gwyneth is a genius.  She pulled her little activity table over to her swing so she could sit and play. I mean, come on! Were you thinking like that when you were one year old?

We noticed a nail in our tire so to the tire shop we went. The kind gentleman went to assess the situation and came back in with an a tiny screw, which is the best diagnosis you can receive. No need for tire patching or new tires here folks.

Since switching to a single nap Gwyneth gets to watch me as I get ready (I used to get ready during her am nap). Lately she has been going around mimicking putting on makeup or brushing her hair. On this particular day she showed me how it's supposed to be done.  Apparently sucking on a Q-tip while simultaneously brushing my hair is the way to go.

Easter put me in the baking mood so I made a batch of cupcakes for the husband's office.

He was super cute because they didn't all get eaten and he came home with a couple extras. He was worried my feelings would be hurt that not everybody ate them and rejoiced in their splendor like they normally do. When he came home and reported there were a few left he made sure to explain that there were leftover grocery store cupcakes from a potluck.  Personally I was delighted they weren't all gone because I was a little reluctant to give them all away without keeping one for myself. Problem solved.

We've been doing a lot of coloring around these parts lately. Good thing I bought those crayons, pencil box and markers during back to school sale season years ago, they've come in handy these past couple of months.

And that was our week via iphone photos. How was yours?

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