April 6, 2012

Our Terrible No Good Week (Or So It Seems)

Have you ever had one of those weeks where it seems like the sky is falling? When every little thing seems colossal or like you’ll never be able to dig yourself out? Yea, me too.

I’d like to tell you some grand story that confirms these suspicions but the best I can give you is a cranky baby whose naps have been screwed up daily. And everyone knows a cranky baby leads to cranky parents,  thus the makings of a terrible no good week.

Before you start feeling all bad for us, please keep in mind we did tons of awesome stuff that was truly a lot of fun. These happy fun things just led to the missing of naps which lead to waking up throughout the night, which leads to a temper tantrums and everything that would make a one year old quite upset.  This is more likely than not the reason we’re where we are right now.

Do not fret, I tell myself. This is all a phase and we will outgrow it in no time. I also made a note to myself that we are overscheduled and I may have been overdoing it with this whole one naptime-conquer-the-world  philosophy I’ve got going.

And here in lies the beauty of parenting. We get to learn from our mistakes. So I will make this note and move on while trying not to let it bruise my ego.

And we will never be leaving the house during nap time again. EVER. Except for Easter Sunday. Uh-oh.

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