May 7, 2012

Get Your Toddler to Read More

"To encourage your baby's interest in books and to give him more control over his reading material, consider making a low bookshelf for him, one where the books face cover out, so he can bring you his current favorites. Having a baby-accessible bookshelf will also allow your chid the opportunity to pull a few books and and "read" by himself." - Fathering Your Toddler by Armin Brott.

The bottom two bookshelves in our living room are Gwen's bookshelves. They are filled with toys and an occasional stack of books. After reading the above tip I decided to try it out. I went through and picked out her favorites, my favorites (Knuffle Bunny and If You Give a Mouse a Cookie) and the sturdy board books. Then I propped them up as if displaying them in a store. An added bonus is that  it actually looks nice.

You wouldn't believe the difference it makes. Gwyneth is constantly grabbing books and bringing them to me or just picking them off the shelf and reading them by herself.

She also likes to cram herself into the empty bookshelves.

Moral of the story, put your kids' books facing out so they can see the covers. So simple, yet something I would've never thought to do.

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