May 18, 2012

Happy Weekend- Edited

On Thursday we were packing for a weekend trip up to Lake Tahoe. I don't know about you, but before I go on a trip I like to run myself ragged getting my house in order. Returning home to a clean house is sooo much better than a messy one.

No matter what the trip, even if it is an afternoon away, I lose my mind and turn into a mega-bitch. I'm thinking it might have something to do with me trying to do a month's worth of chores in one day, sometimes hours before we leave.

I am a list person. I can not function without making a list first. Once I get the list made, I'm golden. I will check it off as I pack, highlighting things that I still need to remember to pack and I've just discovered the idea of packing the list with you. That way when you're packing everything up to come home you can refer to it again so you don't forget anything. Genius, I know.

Now, I will be completely honest here and let you know that I always, without a doubt forget something. I'm terrible with actually reading and paying attention to the lists I make. Just ask my husband, I made a grocery list today and forgot something that was written on the freaking list. Sigh.

Laundry and the dishes are the two most important things that need to be done before you go anywhere. To have those sitting there waiting for you when you get back is just plain depressing. Not having dishes and laundry smacking you in the face when you come back from a trip? Priceless.

And then of course there are the dogs. They need food, water and maybe a walk or two before you ditch them. Sorry guys, maybe next time.

I even squeezed in our weekly grocery shopping trip and mopped the floors today. No wonder why I'm always bitchy before a trip.  Now, any bets on what I'll wind up forgetting? Please lord don't let it be the baby's advil. That kid has a raging case of teething and I'm not sure any of us could survive without that.

Happy Weekend!

Post-Edit: The only thing I forgot were nighttime diapers, which weren't even necessary. Booyah.

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