May 31, 2012

Mama's Going Back to Work (in Carson Nonetheless)

I am at a crossroads and I’m trying to keep my head above it all, to make sense of this journey I’ve been set upon.

Today I faxed in a letter of acceptance for a full-time job in Carson City.

You may not know about my situation or the fact that it wasn’t my decision to stay at home with my daughter. I was laid off from my part-time job. As I walked with my box of belongings down to my car all I could think of was my five-month-old baby girl. My brief, unpaid maternity leave was anything but a nice reminder that we needed this job to survive. Holy shit, I had a five-month-old at home and just lost my job. How will we ever survive?

I made a pact with my husband that I would head back to work as soon as our family showed any signs of struggling. Until then, I would of course keep an eye out, but try and enjoy this precious time with my baby girl.

Needless to say, the past year has been somewhat of a struggle. While we are staying above water, we have had to go through our lives with a fine-toothed comb. We have perfected our budgeting, cut out spending wherever possible and not bought ourselves a single thing since last June. Oh, and did I mention that we had to give up Tilamook cheese? The horrors of it all!! We have grown and learned far more than we ever would have otherwise. We have matured as a couple, as parents and as individuals. It may have been difficult, but in the end we’re much better off because of it.

That being said, we could use some breathing room, especially if we’d like to give Gwyneth those siblings we talk about. I’ve been in denial for the past few weeks, searching for ways out of this situation. And unless everyone wants to miraculously buy ad space on this blog, I can’t find one.

So, as I call the daycares in Carson City could you please shoot a little prayer our way? Or better yet, buy some ad space for crying out loud. To, you know, make the situation a little easier. I’d certainly appreciate it.


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