May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Tea Party

{Disclosure: I was provided with the madeleine cookies by Donsuemor Madeleine Cookies and the tea by Davidson's Organic Teas (who are totally local and off of Wells, btw) in exchange for blogging about this tea party.}

On Friday I threw a Mother's Day Tea Party/ play date for the moms club I belong to. It turned out to be a small crowd, which was perfect. The kids played while we got to chat with each other and enjoy some cookies, cake and cucumber sandwiches.

The party was in the afternoon (right after nap time, thank you very much) and it was beautiful outside so I decided to go for iced tea instead of the traditional hot. I've done this before at past parties and discovered that small tea cups are annoying when drinking iced tea because you drink more when it's iced. Not to mention that tea cups are tiny.

Enter the handy mason jars.

I keep using them at parties and have run into a problem; everyone eventually gets confused on which cup is theirs, since they all look identical. I'm sure there's probably some cute and clever solution out there that I'm unaware of, but I'm going to plan on sharpies next time.

The wraps around the cups? They're those popular water bottle label printables you see everywhere. Coordinating water bottle labels seems excessive to me and I always ignore them when using the printable party packs. Then I saw them wrapped around mason jars here and couldn't wait to try them out. They were my favorite part of the party.

I've been a fan of Davidson's Organic Teas for awhile. and they did not disappoint. My girlfriend's entire tea cabinet is stocked full of their teas which we get to enjoy at her tea parties. My favorite is the Cherry with Almond. It's best served hot with a smidge of cream and a sugar cube.

I used to work at Starbucks, where they sell Donsuemor's madeleine cookies and let me just say I ate a fair share of them. These things are delectable and I'm not even saying that just because I got them for free. My favorite are the chocolate dipped but, I mean, really, can you go wrong with any of them? Chocolate, lemon zest and traditional? Come to mama. I've seen them at Costco so next time you want to jazz up any get-together I'd recommend picking some up.

We apparently can not have these in our home as we discovered that Gwyneth is a wild maniac with them. Like crying and throwing fits after she tried one. She may have eaten five yesterday.

I kept my fingers crossed that the lilacs would stay in bloom for the party. And they did just that. Shhh, don't  tell my neighbor I stole them from his bush. 

The kids enjoyed their tea party as well. By the end of the party I  had "strawberry, rainbow and sprinkle"  tea.

I thought I was being all clever by putting out sippy cups of water for all the kids. Don't do this!!! Gwen immediately thought they were all hers and drank out of each one. Then the children at the party decided they were theirs and there was a lot of sippy cup sharing. Lord save us if any of those kids were sick. Lesson learned.

PB& J for the kids, cucumber for all.

I love Mother's Day, well for the obvious reasons, but mainly because it's the perfect excuse to throw a tea party. They are my absolute favorite type of party because it's simple and cheap. Just cut the crusts off a sandwich and cut it into triangles and you've got yourself party food. And who doesn't like tea?

[Free Mother's Day Printables from Amanda's Parties To Go]

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