June 6, 2012

Crepes Make a Grand Breakfast {Recipe & Detailed Instructions}

Our trip to Tahoe was, in theory, a celebration for Mother's Day. The husband and his Dad had been working hard on making sure the moms didn't have to do anything, which meant cooking and preparing for the trip. They collaborated on a menu, got the groceries bought and planned for a weekend of indulgent deliciousness which included a crepe breakfast.

Incase you can't tell, I've recently become a huge fan of crepes. We tried Julia Child's awhile back, only to discover they tasted like rum. So I got my mom's friend's recipe I had heard everyone raving about for years. Let me just tell you, once you make these you too will become a fan of crepes. The recipe is after the jump so click through to see how easy it is to make your own delicious crepe breakfast.

So on Sunday morning the husband made a thousand crepes, some fresh orange juice (in the Vita-Mix) and his dad sliced and washed all the fruit. Thus, our beautiful crepe breakfast was born.

We got to eat out under a beautiful gazebo in the midst of the Tahoe forest. It should be noted that this cabin was rebuilt two years ago, after the original burnt down in the Angora Fire. Thus, the trees are sparse and a little charred here and there. But it's still forest-y, don't you worry.

The toppings included:

  • chocolate chips

  • fresh blueberries

  • fresh sliced strawberries

  • fresh raspberries

  • whipped cream

  • jams of sorts

  • sliced bananas

My favorite? Rasperries with whipped cream. Come to mama.

It's safe to say everyone enjoyed it, the non-breakfast eaters, vegetarians and breakfast eaters alike. 


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