June 4, 2012

My Baby Sleeps A Lot

Gwyneth sleeps sometimes over 15 hours a day. She's always been a sleeper and until recently we never really saw a problem with it. We're beginning to notice that after sleeping for 12 hours at night, with a three to four hour nap during the day she's just not quite ready to lay down in bed for the normal bedtime. Who wouldn't?

It's hard on us, you know. I only get three hours to myself in the middle of the day and I wake up before she does in the mornings.

According to my trusty Ferber book she's supposed to be getting 11 5/8 hours of sleep a day. Don't ask me how much 5/8 of an hour is, I don't know why anyone would use that as a measurement. Anyways, I started waking her up early from her nap and while she was no peach after being woken up, her little clock finally figured itself out. She still sleeps for 12 hours a night, but I'm not going to complain about that.

Just thought I'd write about it for posterity's sake, seeing as I thought I was surely going to die or go insane back in the five month period. And behold! The majestic sleeping baby in her natural habitat.

How much does your child sleep?

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