July 31, 2012

Home Births Are Actually Kind of Dangerous says Jezebel

This is an enlightening piece from Jezebel about home births and the lack of studies to validate their safety.

I must say after watching Ricki Lake's documentary, home birth crossed my mind when I was 3 months pregnant. It especially sounded romantic after reading Courtney of C.Jane Kendrick.com's poetic story of giving birth to her daughter, Erin.

But then I remember how much I love my obstetrician and how she recognized that my baby was breech and scheduled me for a c-section. I'm grateful that homebirth was never an option for us. Especially after reading the story in this article, you know about the story of a mother who lost her baby that was in the same situation as Gwyneth, due to midwives and the lack of medical intervention.

Anyways, what'd you do? Home birth or hospital? Would you ever think of doing a home birth?

Home Births Are Actually Kind of Dangerous: Jezebel

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