July 16, 2012

The Weekend My Mom Came To Visit (& Hit a Bighorn Sheep)

A few weekends ago my Mom drove up from Las Vegas where she hit a bighorn sheep in the mountains near Hawthorne and came to visit us. Oh such joyous visits are when my parents come into town.

She made us dinner.

Pioneer Woman's parmesan chicken, which made enough for an army. We lived off of it for a week, no joke. She also made the dumplings we discussed earlier.

She gave us a date day/night with which we went to see our first movie in a real movie theater! We saw The Avengers. And then we had some Blind Onion with tasty beer afterwards. We totally bought a large pizza so we could bring some home, only to have left the leftovers on the table, darnit. And that marked the day I officially became tired of Blind Onion pizza. It's our go-to backup for everything and we've had it almost every other week since they opened out here in Spanish Springs. It's affordable (at happy hour) and delicious and a great alternative to fast food when you don't want to cook, so you can see why we've eaten so much of it.

And then my mom  bought us the necessary ingredients to plant our garden. Because, you see, my mother in law has a greenhouse where she grew a ton of seedlings which she then shared with me. So I got to weeding our garden plot that the previous owners so lovingly created long ago. We turned the dirt awhile back and were planning on plopping the seedlings straight into the dry, arid fill- dirt. My mom schooled us on soil, manure and how to plant the plants. This was all very helpful, seeing as I tend to kill everything and haven't the foggiest on how to grow a garden. My parents on the other hand have a successful yearly garden in Las Vegas. Las Vegas people.

Gwen planted her own little patch of cucumbers at the edge of the garden. She put each seed in its respective hole. She was also in charge of stabbing the plant markers into the dirt, which she did with magnificent toddler straining. You would've thought she was placing those markers into granite with all that straining. The next day we came out and some of the markers had fallen. She ran around saying "uh-oh!" while putting them back in their respective spots. Too cute.

My mom and I also escaped for our own little date. We went out to lunch followed by a trip to Junkee and a little light shopping to pickup garden things. Everytime I'm at the store and see a mother and daughter together I always miss my mom. It makes me reminisce about being a little girl and all those times it was my mom and I at the store together. Buying back to school clothes or picking out bathroom decorations or bed sets. Nowadays it always seems like when we get to see each other there's always a baby or a husband or some plans and never really just the two of us. But not this time, this time it was just like I was 12 years old, running around heeding my mom's advice. And I loved it.

Thanks for visiting mom!


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