August 5, 2012

Healthy & Quick Grilled Vegetable Burrito Recipe

As we adjust to our new work routine we've been trying out a few different dinner options. One week we made all the dinner's on Sunday and vacuum sealed them for the week. One of the meals we made were grilled vegetable burritos. And what would you know? The grilled vegetables were just as good reheated the next day or two.

To make your own grilled vegetable burritos I recommend:

zuchhini - get crazy with this. Get the yellow squash or the crazy squashes you'd never try usually.

bell pepper - anaheim peppers are also a tasty addition to the bell peppers.


Slice vegetables and lightly coat in olive oil.

SMOTHER vegetables in taco seasoning.

Put on foil and grill.

The vegetables are better when slightly burned, so just set it and forget it (remember that commercial? My girlfriend actually owns one of those Ronko ovens and made me some pretty delicious meat in it one time.)

Toss the veggies around to evenly cook on the grill and bring 'em inside for delicious eating.

Serve with refried beans and tortillas (we love ours warmed over the stovetop flame) and voila! You've got yourself a healthy, filling and tasty dinner.


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