September 18, 2012

A Halloween Countdown + 31 Halloween Activities

Halloween Countdown

I came across this adorable countodwn from Kiki Creates when she was guest posting for Eighteen25 Spooktacular September series. While I have to say I admire anyone who has the patience to sit down with an xacto knife and cut out 31 individual slots, I took one look and knew I'd never make that. But then, behind each adorably designed door she included a Halloween related activity to do for each day. AND THEN she straight up has a blog post where she has printables and ideas for every idea!! Click through and check it out. Kiki's designs are fresh, modern and cute, but not too cutesy.

I think we'll play along (sans the cute calendar) for October. How about you?

[Sources: A Halloween Countdown, Expanded Kiki Creates:: A Halloween Countdown , Eighteen25.]

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