October 12, 2012

How To Get That Baby Smell

When Gwyneth was a newborn, I'll never forget one of my questions at her well-baby visit.

"She doesn't smell like a baby. She smells like throw up. Is that normal?"

How my doctor didn't laugh, I'll never know. He calmly let me know that babies throw up, they don't always smell sweet and she's perfectly fine.

I had a complex with Gwen smelling like a baby. My husband hates the smell of baby lotion. He says it reminds him of older women who smoke. I attribute this to the affordability of baby whatever knockoff spray scents available at walmart or drug stores.

So, we used baby lotion sparingly and Gwen never quite got that sweet, newborn smell I hear people talk of.

I felt robbed.

We just bought this pack of Burt's Bee's soaps and lotions at Costco and let me tell you this; It's what all babies should smell like. This is the scent I imagined when I was snuggling my teeny tiny swaddled baby.

We've stocked up and now use it nightly on little Ms. Gwyneth and I suggest you do the same.

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