October 18, 2012

Projects, Fun and More Fun Stuff


This past week and weekend packed a lot of fun things and a slew of pictures to accompany said fun things.

Let me begin with the projects I've been meaning to get to for over a year. Some might say my mother's impending visit lit a fire under my bum to get things done. Or it was just a productive weekend. Either or. When I talked to my sister a few days before my mom was coming she was getting her carpets shampooed.

She brings out the best in us procrastinators, I suppose.


We finally found a baby gate thanks to my online shopping and daily deals kick I've been on lately. Would you believe me if I told you that we live in a two story house and have survived with only a $15 pressure gate that's made for pets and over 5 years old? That's right. And Gwyneth has lived to tell the tale with only a minor few stair related incidents.

But now she's quite the confident little bugger who thinks she can just launch herself right off the top, because her mother thought it'd be proactive to let her learn how to go up and down the stairs by herself.

This baby gate is quite nice and has avoided the rushing to the stairs while shouting panicked as you watch your child fling herself down a stairwell and has revolutionized our upstairs playtime.


I've had these shelves sitting in the closet for one year now. I suck at decorating shelves. I try and try to be all awesome and put things on shelves and they always come out looking hokey. What's the trick?


On Monday I stayed home from work and had plans to drop Gwyneth off at daycare while I went to a doctors appointment. I sent her daycare lady a text with this picture explaining that there would be no Gwyneth today. She was bummed as Gywneth is her pet who she adores and tells us all the time how she'd totally keep her if we let her. We take this to mean that Gwen gets plenty of attention.



This is Gwyneth post- flu shot waiting for her hunky pediatrician to come look at her rash, eating a peanut butter sandwich.



This is me eating too much delicious cookie dough.


This is a picture Gwyneth's daycare sent me while I was at work. As I walked up to the front door I could hear Gwyneth and the woman who watches her racing around the house shouting "boo."

It's little things like this that remind me she's in a safe place. Because really, when choosing a daycare we tried our damndest to send her somewhere that's the most similar to us and our home. And chasing Gwen around with a handcrafted ghost is exactly something that would go on at our home.


And the tight little jammies?!?!  As well as her hair. It was spectacular Wednesday morning.


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