November 5, 2012

Happy Monday

This weekend started off with an extra half hour of traffic, on the night we had planned to vote. By the time we picked up Gwen and strode into Scolaris, waiting in an hour-long line was not an option. We went home dejected that dark and cold Friday night.

But, don't despair. From then on our weekend was full of relaxing and getting our home back in order. Because, you see, the last two weekends have been spent with grandparents and during those weekends you don't sit around cleaning your house and preparing for the week to come. No, you do fun stuff and play and go on long, busy trips. All the while your house is collecting dust, your sunflowers died a gruesome death and your backyard is filled to the brim with dog poo.

And then daylight savings weekend comes around when time seems to stand still and you not only complete your mile long to-do list but also squeeze in ample play time with that curly headed little girl who reserves her killer dance moves only for the Black Keys.

So, we had a great weekend. We got a lot done, our floors are swept, laundry where it belongs, the dogs now have a clean slate to poop on and things just seem....better.

So here's to the week upon us, I feel like it's going to be a good one.

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