November 15, 2012

How is it November 16th?

A lot of things happened this week and over the weekend. We were busy bees being all social and what not while enjoying a nice little four-day mini vacation. All three of us caught a cold, so the extended weekend was more than welcome.

I didn't take a single picture of our friends non-baby-baby shower or our Thanksgiving dinner at my girlfriend's house (deep fried turkey is amazing, btw) but we did capture a few cuties thanks to those blessed iphones.

Like this one of Gwen on her motorcycle, backpack packed with the most important necessities ready for adventure on the road.

Or Gwyneth reading me the card her grandmother sent us, with her leg crossed, just like her mommy read it to her. Oh if you could hear her confident jabbering as if she was really reading every word aloud to me.

And then there's this picture I got from daycare. Silly girl.

This weekend we're hanging low, packing for CA and cleaning that blasted house that never seems to keep clean. Where does the laundry come from?!?!




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