November 12, 2012

Rewind Week Begins Now With An Owl Handprint Craft

This week I'm stepping away from the computer and all social media. I've been saying I need to do this for awhile now but find myself checking into Instagram or Facebook or writing a blog post. SOOOOOOO, I've gone into my archives and dug out some of my favorite posts from over the years (I've been at this for awhile).

Today we're going to start with my favorite and cutest craft to do with Gwen when she was a baby, the handprint owl craft. I'm sure you've seen it around Pinterest and I'd highly recommend doing it for anyone with a baby.

Owl Handprint Craft

Orginially posted on February 21, 2012

A little while ago I went to a baby playdate with the MOMS club I belong to. The mom who hosted put together the cutest little craft that I had to share. It was the perfect amount of work for the moms, just enough to get the crafty-vibe out but not too much since you’re still tending to a baby.  And the perfect amount of participation for the babies, they just needed to sit still long enough to get their hands painted.

She found the idea from Pinterest which can be traced back to the blog Meet the Dubiens. And since the tutorial has already been written we’re going to use her instructions (with permission, of course).

How to Make Your Own Adorable Handprint Owl

You will need:

template from I am Mama Hear me Roar pen coloured cardstock paper punches – I used a 2 inch circle punch and a hole punch glue scissors paint paint brush


1. print out the owl template. 2. trace the owl template onto your coloured cardstock and cut out the pieces – use any colours you want and go as fancy or as plain as you like! 3. using your 2 inch paper punch, cut out 2 circle eyes and using a hole punch, cut out 2 black holes for the eyes. 4. glue all your pieces on a large piece of cardstock to make your owl. 5. paint your child’s palms and have them stamp them on the paper as the owl’s wings.

I’ve been a tad obsessed with owls lately and this made a lovely addition as decor on our fridge. I’ve thought on numerous occasions that perhaps I should take him down, since it’s been there for weeks. But my love of the cute owl trend prevails and on the fridge it has stayed.

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