November 19, 2012

Where to Get Your Hair Did

Alright ladies, let's talk hair. A good haircut can make or break you, am I right? A few years ago I got the world's most amazing haircut that was short, spunky, flattering and overall AMAZING. Then I added bangs and I was never able to recreate that haircut for as long as I shall live. But oh, that haircut.....

I used to prefer it short and would straighten it daily. This was cute as long as I straightened it. Then I had a baby and spending 40 minutes straightening my hair went out the window. My cute little a-line bob, when curly, had the unfortunate side effect of making me look like Bozo the Clown. So my reaction was to let it grow. And let it grow I did, not getting it cut for close to a year. Then I went into my latest hair stylist, sat down and said, "I have no interest in ever straightening my hair again. I know it can be curly, I just don't knw how to get it there"

I told her I liked A-line cuts, wanted to keep the length and showed her a few pictures of Lisa Leonard's hair. 40 minutes later I walked out with exactly what I asked for. My hair curled like never before, I didn't look like Bozo and my hair actually had style.

[caption id="attachment_6178" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="This is an embarassing picture, but doesn't my hair look oh so nice?"][/caption]

And back came that confidence like I had oh so many years ago when I got that one, glorious haircut (this might have something to do with years of therapy, a better job and other factors, but it definitely added to it).

Needless to say, I'm back to that awesome haircut, thanks to Tess at Hair Lounge and I'd highly recommend her and her cute salon, the Hair Lounge, to anyone.

Visit their Facebook page: Hair Lounge Reno

Call them to book your appointment: 284-2519

Or stop by: 340 East Taylor Street

Reno, NV 89502

PS, they do nails there too and she is the only woman who can ever cut my husband's hair properly.

**This isn't sponsored, I just genuinely like my haircut**

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