December 30, 2012

2012, Don't Let the Door Hit You On Your Way Out

family2012 was a hard year and I’m not going to lie that I’m glad to see it go.

I like to refer to 2012 as the year I finally grew up, which we all know is a painful process. Something about the year I turned 28 made me realize that I needed to pay the extra money so that clothes fit properly. That it was time to start concealing and wearing mascara. I realized that it’s not cute to be ignorant of the world around me and that listening to the news is something I should do.  I learned that sending your child to daycare isn’t the end of the world, and that I was terribly lonely as a stay at home mom. I learned that I am a valuable asset. I realized I don’t need a therapist any longer. We realized the value of communication as parents and spouses.

At the end of the day, 2012 was there for a reason. This entire year of tests, pushing our family as far as we could go and trying new things has led to great opportunity.

We are ushering in 2013 with open arms, hearts and minds, ready to conquer all that it has to offer. So far, it has great promise. Our calendars are full of joyful things as well as a much-needed opportunity that will allow us to release a deep sigh of relief.

So, welcome 2013, we are glad to see you. Sit, have a cup of tea and please, treat us kindly.

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