December 15, 2012

Oh {Tiny, Fake} Christmas Tree

A couple of weeks ago we got out our fake little Christmas tree out. Every year we declare that it’s a Charlie Brown tree and we’re going to do something about it. It’s a cheap one we bought from Walmart when we first started living together.

This year, I thought about chopping one from the forest, just like my parents did when I was a teenager. We also contemplated buying a live one from Home Depot that you can plant in your yard when all is said and done. Alas, life doesn’t allow for such shenanigans at the moment, so we got down our trusty tree, put it’s three little pieces together and plugged her in.

Now, I have to mention that as we were putting it together Gwyneth noticed something in the tree. She pointed to it and made a big stink about whatever it was. Upon further investigation, it turned out to be a pickle ornament. You know, the one where you’re supposed to hide it and the first one to find it gets a prize? Yep, we played out that tradition without even knowing it. How funny is that?

This year we had a very interested young lady helping us put up our box full of shatter-proof ornaments. Above is a video of her helping us decorate the tree. She was very interested in the “balls” that days before she had discovered in a box and promptly unloaded the box by throwing them across the dining room. This video serves as a precious snippet of how darling she was as she struggled to concentrate and put each hook on its branch. Don’t be fooled. She now rips from the tree and throws across the living room whenever she is bored.
All the meaningful and breakable ornaments are up high, out of her reach except one Disney bulb that I am using to serve as a lesson: she can’t touch all the ornaments. This Disney one just calls her name. I find her pawing it daily and give her a gentle reminder not to touch it. Only once has she dared to take it off the tree.

So, that’s the story of our Christmas tree this year. It has served its purpose dutifully year after year and while it may not smell like a fresh one, or may not be as full as a more expensive fake version, it still delivers that twinkle of Christmas cheer we all look for in our Christmas trees and I'm glad to have this little, shedding fake tree as a part of our family.

Oh, and also at the tail end of the clip is Gwen dancing with the two "kissy bears" I got from Hallmark when I was younger and have toted around as Christmas decorations for 10 years.

Read more about our tree with very flattering pictures of the little beauty at this post.

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