December 19, 2012

The War on Christmas Inflatables

santaThe neighborhood that Gwyneth’s daycare is in happens to be filled with the most magical of Christmas light displays. Some are over the top, like the Griswold’s, while others are classic. Nevertheless driving through the neighborhood has become my favorite part of the day.  As we weave through the maze of streets to get to Gwyneth, I can be found analyzing every light display nightly.

“Those blue lights hurt my eyes”

“Jeese, what’s that thing supposed to be?” or

“Why would anyone buy the Santa in a camper inflatable?!?!”

And then, the husband spoke up, claiming his dislike for inflatables stating that “they’re tacky.”

I am a fan of inflatables and strongly believe they are the best thing to hit the Christmas decoration scene since mechanical reindeer. I think they are crisp, clean and cute and add a certain something to the yard of Christmas celebrators.

Except for the snowglobes that are always fogged up. Save your money on those.  They’re never not fogged up. Or the big polar bears that are poorly lit and you can’t tell what they even are. But all the others? Santa around the campfire with his reindeer or the one with Santa and a puppy that we drive by slowly every night so Gwyneth can say “hi Santa & puppieeesssss!” Those can stay.

I decided to take our battle to Facebook, to let the people weigh in. It seems as if everyone agrees with that husband of mine, or at least the ones who have voiced their opinions on Facebook.  They’re tacky. But I refuse to believe that, because we all know nobody will speak up after the first five people already announced they’re tacky. And 7 out of 190 people who spoke up does not count as the majority's opinion.

So all you people out there who have blessed this world with beautiful, lovely, what I believe to be non-tacky inflatable Christmas decorations? Thank you! Don’t be ashamed, plug those beauties in and let them blow up! I love them, and Gwyneth does too.

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