January 14, 2013

She's Two

gwen2bdayMy darling Gwyneth Denise,

Today we celebrate your second birthday. It's hard to believe that just two years ago you were handed over to us, all chubby cheeked and wide-eyed.

You were sick the day of your birthday party, but no one could tell the difference. You just ran around at a slower speed than normal, taking in all the family that loves you so, stopping frequently to think and do your cute little leg thing. Not once did you let any hint of the discomfort that comes from two ear infections peek through. Happy as a clam, you fawned over the Curious George decorations, clapped when happy birthday was sang to you and excitedly played with all your new toys as you opened them. That's just how you are, a big bundle of joyous energy that's never unhappy.

Over the past year we've gotten to see your little personality develop and we like what we see. You like to show your independence through demands of which shoes and shirt you'll wear. You like to snuggle up and give us kisses whenever the moment strikes. You hardly ever cry, and when you do it's either because you're really hurt or upset. Crying is never wasted on silly things like banging your head or not getting your way. This impresses everyone.

You like to talk, oh how you love to talk. We may not be able to understand everything you say, but you're saying something and trying your hardest to communicate. We're fairly certain that once your words do start making sense to us, you probably won't stop . But really, I can't wait to hear the thoughts that are running through the curly headed little brain of yours.

You've got the word "daddy" down pat and like to use it in just the right ways to pull his heart strings. We're still working on getting "mama" to mean mommy instead of an order for getting things you want. There is hope, because you'v started to say "please" instead of "ma ma ma maaaaaaaaaa."

There was a time when you were in my belly and I tried to imagine what you'd look like and how you'd act. Never in a million years could I have imagined such a perfect little girl. Your father and I are constantly talking about your funny little antics, how smart you are and just how lucky we truly are to get the privilege of calling ourselves your parents.

Happy 2nd birthday little monkey,


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