March 21, 2013


My family are big Disney fans. My parents live in Las Vegas and have season passes to Disneyland, and none of their grandchildren live in California. I went through a Minnie Mouse stage, there was (and still is) an entire room filled with Disney lithographs at my parent’s house and trips to Disneyland were more frequent than not growing up.

Disney isn’t as close to my heart as it is for others in my family and because of this Gywneth really has had no clue about this Mickey guy. With Netflix nowadays we ultimately make the decision of what she gets to see, so there really aren’t many opportunities to discover new characters. That and come to find out, there is only one cartoon with Mickey on Netflix.

For Gwen’s birthday she got a little Minnie doll that you can dress up with different dresses, shoes and bows. This was Gwyneth’s favorite toy that she would play with from the minute she got home to the minute she went to bed. This resulted in one hairy evening when we couldn’t find her stashed in a little bag that a little girl, who was hysterically breaking down for Minnie, had placed her in the night before. The next thing we know she’s interacting with the Disney characters on the side of a box, cracking up at Mickey and having her Minnie doll talk to him.

Then my mom came up for a visit and introduced her proper to all things Mickey. Don’t ask me how she did it, word is it had to do with a little pamphlet found in the only Disney movie we had in our house, Beauty and the Beast. Bottom line is that we went out on a date and when we came back she was HOOKED.

Since then we’ve had a Mickey obsessed little girl on our hands who we have had to watch Mickey’s Clubhouse Road Rally 5,000 times over after hearing the incessant “Mickey?” request as she turns on the TV 25 times a night.

The real kicker was when she got a post card in the mail with Mickey on it. It wasn’t just a postcard to Gwen, it was Mickey and she treated it as such. For days she treated her postcard as if it were her baby, buckling it into her booster seat, putting it down for naps, walking it in her stroller.  She’d go to sleep with it in her arms and upon waking up in the morning her first question would be, “Mickey?” until she could locate that precious postcard.

It was time for her parents to step up to bat and buy her a Mickey stuffed animal, we knew that much. As I walked through the aisles of Target in search of a Mickey stuffed animal I quickly became aware of just how much Mickey stuff there is. I had to control myself from not buying every single item of clothing or toy that related to Mickey, because as a parent it’s really exciting when your kid likes something and there’s so much stuff you can get them that you know they will love.

For now, we’ve started with a stuffed animal. And man does that kid love him. Next up, perhaps a bedroom?