May 24, 2013

Happy Weekend

Today I walked into Olive Garden for lunch and a little over enthusiastically announced “just one!” when asked, “how many?”

I’ve been dying to go to the Olive Garden for months. Jake and I have both agreed that it’s entirely too expensive for what it is and we have marked it as a place we won’t go to for dinner. But the soup, salad and breadsticks lunch special? It carries my heart.

As my stomach grumbled marking that lunch time was approaching I sat at my desk pondering my options. Do I act like a responsible adult and eat the potato and salsa I packed ? Or do I go out? Where to? As my co-workers recommended grease-plates like Bully’s and Wing Stop it came to me; Olive Garden.

I have been craving it for months. I had plans, which fell through, to go eat there with a girlfriend months ago. This week morning sickness reared its ugly head again and I found myself longing for the OG when I was feeling my worst.

And so, I took myself to the Olive Garden where my cheeriness surprised the hostess, the waitress and even myself. It was weird to be that excited about the Olive Garden, but I was glad to be somewhere that wasn’t the 15-mile block of downtown Carson City I’ve been trapped in on a daily basis for months.

It was the best damn meal I’ve had in months.  There was nary a breadstick left in my general vicinity when I left and when I came back to the office I professed to everyone what a wonderful lunch I had and that hell no I didn't bring them back any breadsticks. 

And with that I bid you a fabulous weekend filled with whatever floats your fancy. For me it'll include celebrating a husband's 29th birthday with dinner and a show. Isn't that neat how you buy someone a gift, but you get to partake in the enjoyment as well? This marriage gig ain't so bad. 

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