June 7, 2013

Insta-Friday [Construction Week Edition]

Construction started this week! This is somewhat of a miracle seeing as we're still in a holdup pattern concerning an insurance check. However we have been blessed with an understanding contractor who is willing to overlook all that red tape and begin work. It was the perfect plan, they'd work while we were out of the house at work and daycare. 

 Over the weekend we packed up/ gave away the downstairs of our house in preparation of what's to come: a new downstairs, woot! It was a lot of work, I'll tell you what. Makes me feel for my girlfriend who just moved across the country. We just had to get stuff safely to and from our garage and that was difficult.

Needless to say, Monday we were ready to rock and roll. Nary was there a thing in our cabinets, closets or bookshelves. And we managed to organize and clean out things during the process so that while we're in complete disarray we can still manage to live the rest of our lives.

 Meanwhile, this happened.
▲▲▲Gwyneth became ill with what we and the doctors can only explain as a cold followed by some wicked allergies. We're talking fevers, not swallowing for days, not eating or drinking and finally, once she kicked that sore throat in came her little cough. That annoying, incessant cough that has kept us all up for the past week.
▲▲▲This meant staying home from daycare. Which meant the following events occurred:

Day One: Jake and Gwen crashed at Gwen's Aunt Jackie's apartment for the day and hopefully didn't curtail any precious nursing school studying. 

Day Two: Gwen and I crashed at my girlfriend's apartment for the day where they fed us pizza and let us watch cable on their couch all day. 

Day Three: After spending all morning in the house as the contractors banged and sawed away downstairs, we escaped to a hotel. 

Day Four: (not pictured) where we took Gwen to daycare thinking she would benefit from the routine and familiarity only to have to leave work early to pick her up and take her to the doctor after she coughed so hard she threw up. 
But you know, between the sleepless nights and the days filled with exhausted, cranky parents this adventure has crafted a few fun stories. Like when we went to IHOP for breakfast and Gwen finally ate for the first time in days while I mowed throw their cinnamon roll pancakes. Seriously, go get you some of those, they're amazing. Never mind the fit Gwen threw in the midst of the restaurant because she just didn't feel well which meant she most certainly did not want to sit in that booth.   Or the fact that I got to spend time with my girlfriend and Jake with his sister. That's got to count for something.
Each day we're inching closer to a finished product and the good news is we like the floors we picked out.

So, onward we trudge while Gwyneth yells at us and coughs every two seconds and we try to not pull our hair out. 
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