October 11, 2009

A Gift for Baby Dylan

Sir Sunderland shares a small office with a guy who just had a baby. He comes in complaining of having to change his shirt before coming to work, as baby Dylan has once again pee'd on him.
Sir Sunderland and I already wanted to get them a gift and I had run across these "designer pee catchers" at Mini Me Baby Gear. It was just what we were thinking (but not, because we didn't know these existed). The coworker loves baseball, so the baseball design was ! Then, I got a sewing machine and thought it looked like something I could make myself. After scouring all the go-to blogs, I successfully found a tutorial on how to sew them. Make It and Love It's Wee Wee Wigwam tutorial was fabulously easy for this beginning sewer. It only took me 5 tries to get at least 3 right.
We added our own little touch. You see, said coworker is an adamant Dodger's fan. His least favorite team? The Giants. Now, it's as if his little boy is pee'ing on the Giants. That's right folks, took it to the next level. I hope they like 'em!


bodaat said...

very cute and creative!

Gordostyle said...

What a great idea! Love them! Love that he's peeing on the "bad" team! :o) Good job on all of your sewing projects! They all turned out great!

Ashley said...

Those turned out adorable. I love the sports themed fleece on the inside. So cute!! Thanks for the link!