November 8, 2009

Chocolate Iciing

Last night we had an impromptu Mario Kart tournament. What is a girl to do but to whip up a batch of cupcakes and try out the amazing buttercream recipe her sister gave her, in chocolate?
I was planning on testing it out on the ingrates at work, but opted for friends instead. Only 3 instead of 6 came, but we still made a dent in the batch and we did have some for breakfast this morning (for the sake of not wasting food, of course).
A little fall sprinkle action I found at Walmart in the after Halloween aisle and bam!
I have to say, I whipped these bad boys up in no time. I still need some more practice on how to make my swirly gigs on top perfect with my tip, but they look better than anything else I've ever produced, and taste better too!
All this talk about them and looking the photos makes me want one, which I think I might oblige.

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