November 17, 2009

On Growing Up

Something about the age 25 has got me contemplating life. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my life, my family, the home Sir Sunderland and I have created. It's just that sometimes I don't feel grownup.

You know, like today when I was getting ready for a doctor's appointment. I wanted to look you know, nice. It was either my 10 year old chuck taylors or nasty ugg-like boots as far as shoes went. When peering through my closet for a shirt to wear, I came out with a screen print from Target. I left the house feeling like I was headed for my college classes, rather than a 25 year old on her way to the doctor.

This is not how I imagined myself at this gloriously middle-twenty stage. I always thought by now I'd be dressing like Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail, or the cool ladies on Ethan Allen commercials. Yet, here I am, wondering what in the sam hell I can pull together for a job interview this Friday. Something tells me I will need to go and get some boots. I feel as if having a nice pair of boots will 1.) get me hired and 2.)make me feel more like a grown woman.

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