November 17, 2009

Which Apartment's Mine?

Awhile back I had this great idea for a post. It was when my urban garden was going gangbusters. I'd take a photo from down below our patio and you could see all the foliage popping up over it. I was going to cleverly post it with the capiton "can you tell which apartment is mine?" You know, so you'd look at figure mine was the one with healthy fruit bearing plants. Well, I never got around to taking the photo. But today I was out with the dog and my camera and I figured why not! So....can you tell which balcony is mine?
Lets get a closer lookIf you guessed the one in the middle with dangling dead tomatoes, you got it right! You see, the plants never really bore anything worth eating. Trust me, we tried to choke down the bitter, unripe bell pepper that wouldn't grow any bigger. And Sir Sunderland tried to eat the weird tomatoes that never got ripe, after waiting for 3 months. The lessons I learned from my first gardening experience?
  • don't keep your seedlings inside your bedroom, thinking it's like a greenhouse. They produce bugs and do better outside in the elements.
  • water them!
  • plant lettuce early on
  • don't buy the weirdest plants you can find (a purple bell pepper, a yellow tomato), because you have no idea what they're supposed to look like when they do get ripe.

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