December 8, 2009

A Letter to the Idiot Drivers in Reno

Dear Fellow Drivers of Reno,
While 4wd does provide traction on those snowy roads it does not make you god. When it is 2 degrees outside with snow on the road, it does not entitle you to speed by, making your own lane at 60mph. In fact, I too have an all-wheel-drive car, but you don't see me speeding down the highway.  I save that for the empty road on the way home, where I
1.) won't die
2.) won't kill innocent safe-drivers exercising caution
3.) can giggle like a school girl
As for you 2wd drivers. It's below freezing, which means the roads are ICY.  In case you didn't know (which I don't think you do) ice is slippery. This means your car will not stop as you ride my ass and I brake at a safe distance from the car in front of me. As much as I would love to be rear ended by an idiot, it just doesn't fit into my schedule.
So, as the second round of snow storms comes to Reno, keep it together people. All you idiots in giant trucks who think you are invincible, slow down, exercise caution and get off my ass! 

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