May 2, 2010

Gross Butterfinger Cupcakes

Well ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves an unsuccessful cupcake Monday. You see, I made an attempt at making cupcakes that are supposed to taste like a Butterfinger, like the Reese's ones I made a couple weeks back. You can find the pain in the ass recipe here.

I did just as it said. Ok.....I may have forgotten the brown sugar until I tasted the batter and noticed something was missing and promptly mixed it in. But that couldn't ruin an entire recipe, could it? The brittle tastes like pure butterscotch, not butterfinger. Don't even get me started on how difficult it was to make the stuff and how it stuck to the wax paper.
And the actual cupcake itself? One word:
Sir Sunderland and I couldn't make it through a whole one.

So fellow readers, join me as I come to the realization that not all cupcakes are created equal. I hang my head low as I throw these painstakingly difficult cupcakes into the garbage and curse those idiots at Food Network magazine (oh, and also write a nasty review on their website : ))

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