November 19, 2010

Daily Musings of a (Pregnant) Married Couple

We've come to learn that the more uneventful each baby doctor appointment is, the better. Weight gain on track, belly measuring to size, blood pressure normal and my nice warm cup of urine's levels on track. While the frequent appointments are necessary to track the baby's progress, it's always easy to feel like they're a waste of everyone's time. That was until Sir Sunderland said this today that made it all seem to fall into place:

Well, you may not enjoy being pregnant, but you sure are good at it!

That was after he woo'ed the doctor and her med student by saying that instead of me not wearing my wedding rings (due to my swelling hands) he will go and purchase me a nice chain to hang them around my neck with. The doctor told us a horror story about a woman who didn't take her rings off and went into labor, and they had to cut it off with wire cutters before she went into surgery.

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