December 6, 2010

Daily Musings of a (Pregnant) Married Couple

One dilemma I've run into with being pregnant is that my wedding rings stopped fitting a few weeks ago.
I've been dealt with  one of two choices: a.) wear my rings around my neck or b.) purchase a cheap large ring to substitute my real ring for the time being.

After feeling like a teenager with my rings around  my neck, I was trying on the "fashion rings" from the $8.88 rack at Walmart.

As I tried them on Sir Sunderland weighed in his opinon:
"Well, I have to admit that I'm more embarrassed to have someone think that I bought you that ring (referring to the oversized, bright, too shiny fake "diamond" ring) than you being pregnant and not married."

And here I was thinking there was no greater shame than running around pregnant without a wedding ring. But apparently, god forbid I have a tacky ass ring....