November 7, 2010

DIY The Lorax Nursery {Pt.1}

Part 1

We have been procrastinating on our plans for the nursery, as Sir Sunderland and I were scared of the wall paper adorning the bottom half of the room's walls.

We didn't know how we were about to even begin getting the stuff off. I found some stuff at Walmart that I had heard people talking about in conversations involving why we hadn't done our nursery yet. A hole poker that pokes holes in the wall and some chemical called Diff. My dad was in town, so we used his expertise and got the party started.

The Diff chemical worked wonders. It took about an hour per wall, and that didn't include the top portion which not only had a lovely floral border on the top but also fairy and dragon fly cutouts sporadically glued to the wall. Finally, it was time to paint!

You see, we're going for a Dr. Seuss theme and wanted to paint the bottom green and the top blue, to represent the sky and land, from the book, The Lorax.

Luckily the first colors we picked out worked perfect. Like I said, had my Dad not been there to help us, lord knows we would've bought the complete wrong paint that didn't have primer in it and it wouldn't have come out nearly as nice, as he did all the intricate taping around the borders of the room.

Now for part 2, to add  the cute trees and the Lorax, click here to see how it turned out.

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