November 17, 2010

What blogs do you visit?

Everyday, my morning routine consists of keeping up to date with today's current news topics checking out my favorite blogs. I am sad to say that I check my email, facebook, then go to my favorite blogs to read their daily updates. I have an extensive bookmarked library of blogs I've found throughout the years, but I've weeded out the non-frequently updated ones and on a daily basis I come back to the same ones to spy on people's lives and find creative ideas (that I never do). 

So I thought I'd share them with you (in no particular order, actually the order of my bookmark list) and put the question out there, what's your daily blog-list?
  • Notes from a Cottage Industry - the blog by Tracy Buxton that introduced me to the world of creative blogging. While helping her daughter plan her wedding during my experimental wedding planning days, she directed me to check out her mom's blog for more details of the wedding. I was hooked. Her story, filled with inspiration and creativity keeps me coming back for more. 
  • whatever - who knows how I found this beauty of a blog, Today's Creative Blog perhaps? But once I found it I was hooked. Not only are her photos beautifully descriptive in themselves, but it's always fun to hear about her day to day life raising a large family in an awesome home in Kansas.
  •  Kelly's Korner - Somehow I discovered her blog through the buttons that peppered the blog world when her newborn daughter was struggling for her life. I was hooked on the reality Kelly wrote about about being a new mom and like to see her updates on her daily life, as weird as it is to be reading about someone who I don't know's daily life....
  • UCreate - simple posts on projects found across blogs. At first when I started reading all these creative blogs I was on the hunt for great ideas. But as well all know, one great idea can be masked in a not-so-well written blog. U Create takes that drudgery away and gets right to the great ideas. 
  • One Pretty Thing - same as UCreate and Be Different Act Normal, just beefed up with a multitude of ideas per post.
  • Cjane Enjoy It - her writing is simply amazing. After reading her eloquent posts I always wonder how she can hammer out such poetry so often?
Sure my priorities might be a little wonky, as I make time to check up on the blogs THEN I check out the daily news, but hey, to each their own, right?

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Lorie said...

Thanks for the shout out! I am glad you like my blog!!