February 17, 2011

Sick Girl

Last week I came down with a sore throat. It then became a cold. Never you mind that I am completely and helplessly paranoid about sore throats.  Due to constantly having strep throughout high school, I immediately jump to the conclusion that any sore throat is strep throat.  This sent me to urgent care where they were kind enough to humor me and confirm that it isn't strep throat and I won't kill my daughter.   I did, however give her my cold. The poor thing has had a stuffy nose and a cute little baby cough. Which is why she's been hanging out in her swing all day.

Our doctor told us to put her in her swing/carseat when she sleeps, a little trick that I would've never thought of. The poor little thing gets so stuffy when she's lying down. So anyways, we have this awesome swing but it has this ridiculous snack tray thing.That snaps down between her legs. You can see the problem is that the size of the leg seperator is the size of her. It doesn't work and is a pain

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