February 16, 2011

The Mall

What with the snowy weather and all it makes it kind of difficult to squeeze in a walk or two for some exercise during the day. Today we packed ourselves up and braved the snow to take a stroll around our local mall, to power walk through it like those old people you hear about in the midwest. I even wore a sweat suit and jogging shoes (kidding).   It became quite apparent that I have made the transition to being a mom when all I did was look at the baby section of every store. I had to exercise extreme self control with all the adorable polka dot outfits and spring dresses.

Our mall had this cool living room area setup that was perfect for when she needed to eat.  She had her bottle while I sipped my grande mocha from Starbucks, just like girlfriends hanging out at the mall. Except that she's a newborn baby and wasn't much for conversation.

We survived our second diaper change in a public restroom (our first was as a family in the family restroom at Scheels. Sir Sunderland refused to let me take a picture....). And can I just say that people are weird? Sweet, but weird. I thought all the comments from strangers when I was pregnant was a bit intense, but with the baby, we're on a whole new level.

I also learned that when taking your adorable newborn out into public, her socks should be matching. It's one thing when you're in the comfort of your own home, but come on Lauren! You can't manage to find a matching pair of socks one day? I'm putting her on the one-way track to appearing on What Not to Wear.

It was a nice and refreshing way to spend our afternoon out of the house, we'll have to do it again sometime.

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