March 14, 2011

3 Months {Gwyneth}

Gwyneth you are 3 months old!
You weight 11 lbs and wear 3 month size clothes.
This month has been so much fun. You are developing into such a smart, beautiful little girl.
You started daycare this month, and  charmed everyone with your long naps and mellow attitude. Everyday we have to document how you slept and what your mood is and every morning we write "happy" in the mood question because that's what you are, one happy baby.
You've started smiling more and more and you are tracking objects very well. You like to look at mommy or daddy from across the room and you always keep an eye on us wherever we go. You even rolled over quite a few times from your stomach to your back. You hate tummy time and get so frustrated.  One day while you were fussing about being on your tummy you rolled right on over to your back, startling yourself. Ever since then you have done it quite a few times. When you're on your back you like to do a half a roll over, by tucking your feet into your chest and rolling on your side. You've succeeded once and seem to want to practice any chance you can get.
You sleep very well during the night and have been eating from your bottle on a very consistent schedule.
We love seeing your toothless gummy smile grinning back at us. We can get you to smile every time by buzzing our lips together.
We love every precious minute we get to spend with you and watching you develop into your own little person.
Happy 3 Month Birthday Gwyneth!

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