September 21, 2011

The Gallery Wall

Finally! The day has come. May I present to you my Gallery wall. 

I can't tell you how in love I am. It turned out to be everything I had imagined and more. And here's the best part, it didn't cost a penny.

I hate it when people say that in blogland. Whenever I see something I really like and want to recreate I expect explicit details on how to make it happen, including where I can buy just the thing I love.

Like my cool blue frame? It was a $3 gold mirror I bought at a garage sale years ago (I super hate it when someone posts a really neat dress I can't wait to get my hands on only to have them say it's "vintage"). My mom painstakingly painted that beast with her signature foam paintbrush.

The cute blue wallet-size picture frames? They came from Michael's dollar section and were made into these, which I resurrected into what you see now.

I had all the frames that were either in boxes or used throughout our house. Some were the wrong color, but nothing a little spray paint couldn't fix. The S was a gift years ago that was on a different wall where I took my monthly pregnancy shots.
And this one of Jake and baby G? Happened by complete accident. Neither of us could decide which of these two shots we liked better, so I printed out both. Then when the wacky doodle frame ended up not being the size we though it was we were in need of a second photo to put in it. As my Mom cycled through all the photos, she happened to put these two in together and it melted my heart. It's my favorite piece on the wall (even over the photos of myself!).

The best part is that our photo wall includes our entire family. Brothers, sisters, nephews, parents, grandparents. It's a little Gwen-centered, I'll admit, and we might want to add a couple wedding photos here and there. But by golly it came out amazing.

{A special thanks to my parents, who stayed well past they intended to before driving 8 hours home to Las Vegas to make this lovely wall happen. It was really just my secret way of squeezing in more time to visit.  Love you guys!}


Tessa said...

It turned out so cute!!! Do you want to come do my house next?

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

So cute! I just love it! Great job, girl :)

Bodaat said...


abi said...

love your foyer and gallery wall! I just did a gallery in my living room and they are so much fun.