October 15, 2011

Featuring the Owl

I'm thrilled to pieces that my cute little Owl wreath was featured across blogland this week. What makes it that much sweeter is the fact that it was an original idea. So original in fact, I can't link a single inspiration from Pinterest. Sometimes it's refreshing to remind yourself that you can be creative and inspired without the assistance of the internet and somebody else doing it first.

That being said, I hope it does inspire many more adorable little owls gracing the doorsteps of the world over.

So thank you to all the ladies who were kind enough to feature my owl wreath.

roca and company
"This Owl Fall Wreath by Lauren Inspired.  Isn't he the cutest thing?  Every door deserves an owl like this...especially sitting all pretty on a square twig wreath." - Carmen of RoCa and Co

Rebecca of My Girlish Whims included the owl in some of the posts she loved from her "Your Whims" linky party.

"Holiday Fun:
I love this little guy!!" - Jennifer of Vintage Gwen

Rebecca at Simply Sweet Home featured it as one of her Friday Favorites

And word on the street is there may be a little appearance come Monday at 



Andrea said...

I found your blog via Pinterest. Your owl wreath sure is making the rounds. I'm just heading outside to collect some twigs and create something similar for Halloween. Just had to drop in and say thanks for the wonderful idea!

Bodaat said...

ooooh, wow, congratulations!! that is quite an honor!

lauren @ West Furniture Revival said...

not sure if you checked out the feature!