October 14, 2011

Gwyneth {9 Months}

Gwyneth Denise you are 9 Months Old Today!

{Photo disclaimer: the numbered onesies have gotten, well a little behind. Instead of taking a picture of her in a 9 month onesie on her 9 month birthday, I've been getting in a shot of her in the last month's onesie, days before she's not that month anymore. So, umm, sure this says 9 months and the pictures say 8, but it doesn't have to be precise, really. Humor me}

You are officially the cutest thing ever. You can alwayshear Daddy and I saying to each other “Can she be any cuter?”

You sleep like a champ, even though your teeth have beenbugging you lately. You’ll wake up quite upset and need to be distracted tocalm down. You and Mommy go downstairs and watch a little tv while we wait foryour medicine to make you comfortable enough to go back tosleep. Other than that, you go to bed at 8:15pm every night after a nice bath where you suck on your rubber ducky's beak. 

Every night Daddy rocks you to sleep as you drink your bottle while Mommy reads a book. Mommy has to read to you because you get worked up when Daddy reads out loud. We have gotten into the Winnie-the-Pooh series that we love.  
After weeks of giant painful looking teeth peeking throughyour top gums they finally broke through. They are very large and coming inquite nicely. You drool a lot and like to chew on anything you can get yourhands on. You’re not a fan of teething rings or anything “teething” related.Your two bottom teeth are as crooked as ever and are simply adorable.

You still practically only eat bananas and a cereal of somesort. You tried apples and pears and took to the pears. Daddy tried his hardest to get you to like sweet potatoes, butyou made it quite clear you don’t care for them.  We gave you cheerios a couple of nights and you choked onthem so we decided to give you a little more time.

You have been practicing with a sippy cup since Mommy issick of you shaking your bottle over your head and getting milk everywhere. Youlike to chew on it then watch me show you how to use it. You suck to get liquidout and cough when it does. You really like drinking out of a cup like a biggirl and to spill/spit whatever it is down your front. You try and drink out ofanything that is cup-like you can find and always yell into it (a trick Itaught you awhile ago). 
You are constantly surprising us with new little tricks youhave up your sleeve. While grocery shopping you decided to start giving us highfives. You like to clap your hands together when the mood strikes and you’ve really mastered the head bob and like to nod “yes” a lot. 

Daddy taught you how to give us kisses, which you do by opening your slobbery mouth super wide and smashing it onto our lips, teeth and all. Daddy also always says "awww" after you give him kisses and you like to mimic him when he does it. It has to be one of the most adorable things I've ever seen. 

You’ve discovered your voice and like to yell a lotnowadays. Whenever there is something that is loud (the vacuum, the bathtubfilling up, etc) you like to yell at it. I love to hear you yelling at thebathtub from downstairs when you go upstairs with Daddy to take a bath.
You are a tough little girl and barely anything fazes you. You're constantly on the move, crawling  (well, a leg dragging type crawl that works for you) here and there with lightning speed and pulling yourself up on furniture and walls. You're fearless and fall and bonk your head quite a bit and act as if nothinghappened.
You’re becoming such a fun little whipper snapper who bringsso much happiness and love to our family. Happy 9 month birthday baby girl!

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