October 18, 2011

Murder Mystery Party

Daddy & Daughter's Night In

Last night I went to my first "Mother's Night Out" with that MOMS club I mentioned earlier. It was a murder mystery party and Bachelorettes & Bullets was the theme. I've always thought a murder mystery party would be fun but when I got my part of Leslie Liplock, a blackmailing  model, I became quite nervous about the whole situation. I got even more anxious when I read about how the night works and saw I had to act things out.

But I went and met some nice ladies and had a great time, even though it was extremely uncomfortable and WEIRD. I'm not one for role play and I can't think on my toes, so naturally it was my worst nightmare awkward.

Eh, now I can die knowing that a murder mystery party won't be as cool as I thought it'd be. And I didn't have to do any of the work.  Not to mention that I realized I can squeeze into a dress I wore on a cruise almost 5 years ago. Woot!

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