November 14, 2011

10 Months {Gwyneth}

Gwyneth you are 10 months old today.
You weight 16.5 lbs and wear 9 month size clothes.

You’ve decided you want to be independent this month. Youenjoy being alone and can entertain yourself amongst your toys for apretty long time. Daddy and I get pretty bored sometimes when we try and playwith you and you’d prefer to go off and play alone.
And then there was the day you ate a graham cracker anddecided you were all grown up and would be feeding yourself from that momentforward. Somewhere in that head of yours you decided that  not only would we not spoon feed you, but you would not be eating anymore baby food either. Youdidn’t eat anything but milk for a week after that.

All you wanted were grahamcrackers and cheerios, two things you weren’t ready to eat seeing as you chokedon them every time. Instead you ate dissolvable snacks and within weeksyou have become quite skilled at picking up food and getting it in your mouth.You’ve sped up significantly and can put away quite a few little snacks in onesitting.

We’ve tried to give you new foods to try, all of which youtouch with a look of complete disgust until you venture to put it up to yourmouth. You will pretend to try it and decide you don’t like it. So far the onlythings you like are the fruit flavored cheerio dissolvable snacks and thecheeto looking puffs. This really upsets your parents who were trying to feedyou homemade all-natural baby food!
At the beginning of the month you could standup by yourselfand slowly get around furniture. In the middle of the month you not only caughtspeed moving around furniture, but you began pushing things around on the floorwhile standing up (chairs, boxes, etc.) Mommy got you a toy that you push. Itgoes super fast on the hardwood floors but you jog along behind it as if it’snot a problem. Occasionally you will let go of something you were using tobrace yourself and not realize you’re standing by yourself. You stand fineuntil you realize what’s going on and immediately grab on to something or fallto the floor.
You like to giggle and laugh with Mommy or Daddy and youpicked up on an evil laugh (muhahaha). You like to do it whenever you can.Nothing is cuter than a 10-month-old baby maniacally laughing as she plays withher toys. 
You’re moments away from walking, eating finger foods all byyourself and growing like a weed. It’s amazing to watch your mind expand anddevelop and see you absorb your surroundings. You’re such a joy and a constantsource of happiness in this house. We love you!

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