November 30, 2011

Some Days You Got It

And some days you don't.

For those of you who are new around here, you might not know that I deal with depression (you can read more about it here, here and here if you feel so inclined). Stupid stupid depression. It's been going on for years, I've spent the better half of my twenties trying out antidepressants, crying, becoming a hermit, sheltering myself from loved ones, friends and family and crying some more. I finally discovered a fab-O therapist who I sit on a couch and talk to for an hour a week, every week. Gwen runs around her office chewing on all her children therapy toys, sticking her hands in her sand box and opening her filing cabinets, progressive!

This doesn't fix everything, but it helps. It makes life a lot more manageable and keeps the bouts of depression to a minimum. It lets me carpe diem, for the most part, but still, the stupid stupid depression doesn't go away.

Why am I telling you this? Because last week I got into a little funk. This little funk involves me not wanting to do a damn thing, including writing prolific blog posts such as this. I've always been very open about my depression because  1.) it seems to help avoid the crushing guilt that comes with not doing stuff  and 2.) it could help someone else reading who might be all depressed, reading blogs and ignoring the real world like I often do.

So in total honesty, I sat around my house watching Felicity all week. My kitchen was overflowing with dishes and my floors (and baby) covered in dog hair. Don't go off calling CPS, the baby was well taken care of. That's the one thing I can manage to do regardless of being depressed. For some reason playing with a smiley, giggly baby never seems to be a problem.

So there you have it. Real life here folks. But don't you worry. I woke up today on the sunny side of the bed and for whatever reason my brain realized that life must go on! There are Moms in need of events out there, Christmas decorating to be done and a house that currently has garbage strewn about it to be picked up (dogs got into the garbage, I'm not that bad).

And well, since I'm on my "real-life" pedestal, I'm going to share this lovely photo of the baby and I. It's too funny not to share, even at the expense of my and Gwen's dignity.

Feel free to pin that, then ask all your friends to re-pin it. Put it on your "photography" boards next to all those inspiring, beautiful photos. May it inspire you on those days when you're comparing yourself to Natalie or  Naomi, or when you're just feeling like crap.

Now lets carpe diem the shit out of this day!

{Oh yea, read this brilliant post by Crafterminds, "Don't Believe Everything You Pin." It'll blow your mind grapes.}

{And while you're at it, read this gem from Less Cake, More Frosting.}

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You is Good!
You is Smart!
You is Important!

Everyday - all the time!!