November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving as a Family of Three

 Our first Thanksgiving as a family of three was, whileabsolutely fabulous, totally exhausting. Turns out keeping tabs on a crawling,running, over-stimulated infant takes up most of your stuffing your face time. Gone are the days of lounging around. I think this is the first Thanksgivingthat I ate reasonably proportioned appetizer and meals. Not by choice, mindyou, mostly due to a complete lack of time.

Dinner was seamless. My Mother-in-Law brilliantly planned itso she was in charge of the main stuff (turkey, potatoes, etc.) and everyone elsewas asked to bring appetizers and dessert. The result? An awesome combinationof the standard dishes we’re used to and some new ones that weren’t the usualsuspects. And how easy is it to bring an appetizer or a dessert? Win win for everyone.

We ate, we enjoyed family and friends, they all loved onGwen even though she was a little overwhelmed and a lot cranky. By the time we got home we were all pooped. 

All in all a great Thanksgiving with delicious food, fun with family and friends. Now onto Christmas! 

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